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Jerry Maldonado
Financial Consultant


Jerry’s clients recognize his ability to help them envision a superior financial future, then help them, step by step, build towards that future. He does this by showing them a clear picture of where they are today, and listening to their concerns for the tomorrow. By recognizing their desires and spotting the things that must change, he can help them build financial wealth potential as they can create richer lives for themselves and their families.


Jerry's client base is diverse. Many of his clients are small business people; most of whom founded and now run their own businesses. While they are in many industries, they share a belief in the future and in their respective abilities to influence that future. As business people, they realize the value in getting quality help, which is why many of them rely on Jerry to help them with their financial futures. He also works with corporate clients with their health benefits and qualified plans as well as employee educational workshops.

Earned Success

With a career spanning over 10 years in mortgage and financial services, Jerry has seen his clients during the highs and lows. In Jerry’s own case, he witnessed his family’s struggles and was determined, at an early age, to achieve. By applying sound financial principles in his own life, he has been able to see firsthand the power of a solid and secure investment strategy. Now, many years later, he continues to share that philosophy with his clients.


Born in Los Angeles, CA, Jerry moved to Orange County, CA with his mother when he was months old and raised in Garden Grove, CA. He holds a degree in Sociology from Cal State Dominguez Hills and lives in Anaheim, California. Jerry has 4 children and serves as a councilman for his Native American Indian Tribe. He was captain of his college baseball team at Goldenwest College and continues to play in competitive adult baseball leagues around the country.

Commitment to Education

Jerry invests first in himself. This is most evident in his commitment to ongoing education. He believes that only by keeping ahead of the fast-paced changes in our economy can be of optimum value to his clients.

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